Delicious veggies

What Naming, identity, packaging

Where Stereo Associates

How Creative direction


By merging ‘eat’ and ‘deli’ you arrive at the very Indian-sounding Eadeli. It was very important to establish the brand as a deli, because it encompasses many different products, but required hungry people to walk in from the street. The way it looks and sounds should make your mouth water. Inspired by similar American cafes and bakeries focusing on organic offerings, an identity that’s based on stickers and stamps took form. With the Eadeli logo it’s easy to brand packaging and merchandise made out of sustainable materials like paper. It consists of two parts that can be joined up any way you want, vertically or horizontally – creating a fresh and challenging look.

By using different colours it’s easy to separate the different types of products and where they are placed in the store. Each area would have one dominant colour. Where possible, the branding would be printed directly unto glass or plastic – making it possible to reuse materials that are tough on the environment. The colours were selected to look good printed on paper even using cheaper and recycled stock.

Actually, many different names and concepts were explored for this project. Here is another one, which is more static and traditional but based on the handwritten label. Neither of these concept was the one the client chose to go with in the end, due to the brief changing slightly after the initial phase of the project.