Hooked on Fishing

What Rebranding, packaging

Where Stereo Associates

How Strategy, creative direction


The Kinetic brand stands for decent quality at a reasonable price and is available in many supermarkets. Sales to retailers have increased over the years, and to mark their 20th anniversary on the market they needed a refresh of the brand. Creating a balanced feel, that looked fresh and inviting without coming across as too premium, was a challenge. But with a new brand story to back them, they decided to do a major overhaul and redesign the packaging for all of dozens of thousands of articles in their catalogue.

The new visual identity of Kinetic is blue like the North Sea, the fjords and the clear starry nights. The logo builds on the momentum implied by the name and the emblem is a very graphic representation of a hook. Combined into a pattern the hook creates scale-like texture. The typeface Ginto, reinforces the Scandinavian history and cements the identity by its consistent use across all packaging. The result of the project was a brand manual including a guide for future packaging design, as well as a completely new product catalogue for 2020.