Move Mountains

What Rebranding, packaging

Where Stereo Associates

How Creative direction


Today, the brand is available at large supermarkets and really needs to stand out, but also appeal to the retailers’ buyers as something they can sell. Move Mountains is a tricky name to work with, but this was solved by creating the ‘mm’ emblem that can be used in many configurations to fit a wide variety of formats for product branding. The full logo can be animated so that it ‘moves’ from left to right.

Since the name Move Mountains refers to the fact that we are all moving mountains in our lives, inch by inch – the colour palette and patterns used for the packaging is inspired by the various types of rock found in the Scandinavian landscape. Logo lockups for mens/womens/kids shoes were created, as seen on the hangtags. A naming system for new products, based on the new brand story was also provided.



Well, there was also an alternative concept and name, directed at a younger segment.