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As a family-owned, local business, it’s all about legacy and word of mouth for OBH. But to take the next step in their growth and face rising competition, they needed to communicate that sense of quality and dedication towards people who might have never heard of their small Odense-based operation. By developing their brand’s purpose, merging the two operational units under one brand name, and refreshing their CVI – a modern yet classical brand was developed. One that stands for the work put in, for the commitment in partnerships and for providing the best possible service.

The new visual identity is built upon a grid system that derives from the 9-square plans so common in the history of the built environment. That grid eventually resulted in a new logo, a modular fifth element and a set of colours to separate their three main markets into three customer-facing subbrands. The grid speaks for the technical, engineering aspect of OBH, but the softer, service-based aspect that you meet in the day-to-day business also needed to be expressed. ´

The harshness of the layout system is balanced by a humanist font designed by Danish type wiz Henrik Kubel. Together with new human-centred photography of major cases and customer relations, this makes for a complete vision that is modern yet timeless.