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Before the Rockwool Experience Centre opened in 2015, guest would be shown small product samples and hand-held demonstrations that were not placed into context. Today, guests can see and experience everything in an interactive installation spread across two rooms. From the invention of stone wool as pieces of molten stone where found after volcanic eruptions to the actual Rockwool products that are everywhere around us and beneath us as we live day-to-day lives. The process of creating stone wool is very much like cotton candy, just at extreme temperatures that melts rock. Since it’s made of stone it is an infinite resource and more sustainable than e.g. glass fibre. It is also durable, protecting us from damp and mildew while allowing the walls to breathe. It goes without saying that stone doesn’t burn, meaning it’s also much safter. It’s isolating qualities also mean it’s perfect for sound-proofing. These four benefits form the main part of the experience centre.

The other part of the space, shows the products in ‘situ’ – in a house that places them where they actually go, as well as in a silhouette of a cityscape with trains, cars, plants etc. A new interactive company presentation was aslo created, where the visitor can explore all the various companies that make up the Rockwool group globally. From acoustic panels to growing vegetables. The whole project took more than 6 months to finish, from the first concept and user journeys, to final infographics, copy and foil lettering and was carried out in close cooperation with the Rockwool team.