The Bean Story

What Branding, photo/video

Where Stereo Associates

How Creative direction, art direction


When a client sees an opportunity to create a brand to fill a hole in the market, there is no obvious point of reference. After researching arabica coffee from India and Laos and its unique properties, a whole new brand was created. The Bean Story was meant to be a specialty coffee brand, offering green beans from single estates to roasters and coffee bars in both Asia and Europe. In the tiny village next to one of their plantations in Laos, specialty coffee had already arrived. A barista hiding behind Japanese and Korean backpackers was making drip coffee to the same standard as any given Blue Bottle café.

What’s special about single origin arabica from India or Laos? Most people don’t know. So The Bean Story came into being. It’s not the first brand on the market in India, but it’s the first that is 100% driven by storytelling. Each bean passes through so many hands on its journey to your cup. So the solution was not just to design the experience around the brand, but also to tell the stories of all the individuals involved in the making.


Together with photographer Ture Andersen the documentation of the process was storyboarded, art directed and shot – producing both brand photography and a brand film. The journey from ripe cherries on a bush to a local roaster in Copenhagen – it’s all there. By working with the client from the naming process and co-creating the brief to actual design and content creation, a fruitful collaboration took shape.

Since the brand is yet to be launched on the market, the design shown here is not the concept that was finally selected. This was one of several identity concepts presented to the client.