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Bang & Olufsen was founded in 1925 and is mostly known for its highly modernist designs of the 70s and 80s. In recent years their younger and fresher subbrand B&O Play become much successful, but they have now merged the two brands back into one – hoping that the original brand will attract some of Play’s status as a challenger. They want their products to be worn as an expression of personal style.

The new visual style is born out of a ‘Sound Sculpture’ strategy, focusing on the meeting of different sensorial inputs that occurs in contemporary art. Art that is sculpture, sound and video all in one. Collaboration with multidisciplinary artist is seen as key for creating a credible image. The pitch contains original artwork by Swedish artists Lisa Broms and Adèle Tornberg, whose work is owned by the artists themselves. By avoiding the use of passive verbs like ‘hear, see and feel’ in favour of actions verbs, the audience and user is always implied.

A branded ecommerce site focuses more on the experience of the product than the specs and functionality. That’s why the new design is more consumer-centred, showing products come to life and the stories of the designers and their craft. These aspects are gathered under a new heading (‘touch’) which is both about materials and textures, but also touching people through art. The UI is minimal and easy to follow on both desktop and mobile platforms.