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If you don’t already know Krister Bladh, this will spare you the trouble. As a designer working with experienced existence, Krister believes in the radical power of design and imagination to create change. With an international background, he co-founded the branding agency Stereo in 2016, with offices in Denmark and India. As creative director, he has led projects ranging from visual identities and brand experience to campaigns and content creation. Krister is currently helping Boozt develop their digital services.


With an MA in Design and a BA in Art History, it’s easy to see how a word can give you a thousand pictures, just as a picture can be worth a thousand words. As well as working for award-winning agencies, Krister is a published author and has been writing and broadcasting for various media in many countries for more than ten years. He believes in a sustainable shift and the inevitability of circular models. Some of the initiatives that he supports are the Extinction Rebellion and WWF.




Record Turnover


A daily news site that Krister runs together with Jacob Olsen, featuring obscure music, art and design. Founded about 10 years ago, they have also organised many events and made an endless amount of mixes.




An online magazine to which Krister is a regular contributor with hundreds of articles, interviews and opinion pieces so far. HYMN is one of the country’s main sources of music news.



Brief resume


Senior digital designer


Stereo Associates
Creative director and co-founder


Senior designer




The Royal Danish Academy: Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation
Master of design




Malmö University
BA Design & Visual Communication





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