Nordic Dept Store


What Rebranding

Where In-house

How Strategy, visual identity, art direction


Boozt is a Scandinavian ecommerce platform with a presence in 13 countries. As they were growing into a more mature player and an online department store, they needed a facelift. I headed the process of refreshing the brand – based on a new strategic focus and positioning, both in relation to competitors as well as its younger sister brand Booztlet. It was an iterative process that included several concepts and 9 months of work. Here is one of the concepts that were not used, but the one I am most proud of.

As a part of the concept development, there was also an exploration of how the new brand could come into play in UX/UI, offline media as well as packaging. The main purpose of this exploration was to create a chapter explaining the new brand behaviour in the brand guide.