Outlet 2.0


What Rebranding

Where In-house

How Strategy, visual identity, art direction


Booztlet is the sister company of Boozt and integral to the value chain, as everything that does not sell on Boozt is then moved into the Booztlet stock. Operating with an “always up to 70%” mantra, Booztlet offers all the quality of its mother brand, but at more accessible price points. As a part of the rebranding of both webshops, Booztlet got a major makeover that casts it as a challenger brand taking up a unique position as a premium outlet. This concept was primarily developed to balance the new Boozt identity and was never implemented.

In relation to Boozt, Booztlet is more fresh in both colour palette as well as typographic treatment. The tagline has a default incline of 70 degrees, which matches the percentage. The slanted messages brings to mind packaging tape and DIY stylings. The layout system is more expressive as well.