CU on campus

What Rebranding, UX, campaign

Where Stereo Associates

How Strategy, creative direction


The answer was going back to the school’s roots as founded by a local philanthropist. Promoting entrepreneurship and diversity, the school is located in an area with a large muslim population and was originally dedicated to improving their access to high quality education. Today is it a modern uni with curriculum focused on industry-readiness. CU wants to attract the most ambitious girls and boys from all over the state. As well establishing a new name and visual identity, the effort was also directed at recruitment and finding a voice that speaks to both kids and their parents.

Crescent University got a complete makeover, covering signage, stationery, ads, merch and clothing, icon set, website, brand photography and campaign films. Even their football team got a logo. The new is based on the old, making it an evolution rather than a revolution but for an Indian client in the education space it was a bold move. Not surprising, considering their rolemodel is Harvard.