Playing Pipe Dream

What Rebranding, interior

Where Stereo Associates

How Strategy, creative direction


Krosstein was founded in 1966 as Svend Krosstein and is one of the leading HVAC companies in the country. They were in dire need of modernisation and wanted a bold and user-friendly look. Shown below is one of the moodboards they selected during a brand workshop. Several different concepts were developed and in the end they settled for another option, but this one is a favourite.

Based on the 90 degree angles of piping and ventilation, a playful design system was created, where all the elements ‘work together’ to form the message, The elements were also used to create an icon set, and bold colours are used to separate the private customer’s universe from the B2B segment.

The geometric typeface used reinforces the notion of detailed and quality-based services, while allowing for the vast shift in scale from project to project. A photo style was also developed for showcasing projects – from a customer viewpoint as well as an internal one.