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SPOR had long been pet project of the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, but had never been treated as a brand. Spor is Danish for trails or traces. It’s a grassroots organisation, with farmers being the protagonists. By opening up their land to everyone else, by establishing a walking trail, they’ve experienced a world of a good. School classes getting to experience nature, elderly people can get some fresh air in their local area and farmers naturally get some good karma. By helping to set SPOR up as an experience brand, they’ve received a lot of new fans and secured funding for the next few years.


The exercise consisted of proposing the new name, developing a full brand with a visual identity, brand photography, case studies and interviews. On the back of that new templates where created, for the 200 trails around the whole country, new materials for tourists and farmers wishing to establish a trail. The final piece of the puzzle was an update of their website, which is currently being implemented. The new SPOR is people focused, easy to get to and inspires both young and old to get out into nature.

The visual expression is based on the feeling of exploration imbued in old maps of local areas, colour-coded to show different topologies. Patterns are created out of the unique shapes of the the individual trails around the country, which range from 2 to 25 kilometers in length. The new brand has been implemented across signage, brochures, bags and water bottles – they even got their own beer.