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SPOR had long been pet project of the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, but had never been treated as a brand. Spor is Danish for trails or traces. It’s a grassroots organisation, with farmers as the protagonists. By opening their land up to the public with a walking trail, they show they care about public health. School kids get to experience nature, our elderly get some fresh air in their local area and farmers, naturally, get good karma. Establishing SPOR as an experience brand has garnered them new fans and secured them funding for the next few years.

Spor i Landskabet

The exercise started with a new name and continued with a full rebrand including new brand photography, case studies and interviews. On the back of this, new templates were created for the 200 trails around Denmark, as well as materials for hikers and farmers wishing to establish a trail. The final piece of the puzzle was an update of their website, which is currently underway. The new SPOR is people-focused, easy to get to and inspires young and old alike to get out into nature.

The visual expression is based on the joy of exploring exuded by old topographical maps. The unique shapes of the the individual trails, which range from 2 to 25 kilometers in length, became new graphical patterns. Visiting the website is meant to create a similar urge to explore – showing how close the user may be to a local trail, what each one has to offer and how to get there.